Unemployment stagnates at 3.7%

At four days of tough elections for Republicans in Congress, US President Donald Trump has praised the good figures of the US economy, but has especially emphasized his rhetoric inflamed on immigration.

“We had extraordinary employment figures,” he said from the White House before flying to Huntington, West Virginia, for a campaign rally.

In fact, the latest indicators published before Tuesday’s elections are good: the US economy created 250,000 jobs in October, while the unemployment rate remains at 3.7%. Another encouraging trend is the acceleration of wage growth to 3.1%, a rate well above that of inflation.

Still, regardless of the day’s stage with Air Force One, the heart of his message is focused on immigration, a subject likely to galvanize the Republican electorate in mid-term elections usually marked by a form of electoral apathy.

Since Huntington, he has recognized that many people advise him to “talk about the economy,” and added, “Sometimes it’s not very exciting to talk about economics because we have many other topics we want to talk about. … ”

On Wednesday, he announced that up to 15,000 soldiers could be deployed at the border to respond to the advance of “caravans” of migrants from poor countries in Central America heading north.

On Thursday, he had assured that the US military could be fired on migrants attempting to enter the United States illegally. On Friday, he tried to procrastinate: The soldiers “will not have to shoot. What I do not want is for these people to throw stones. ”

But he also insisted that the United States had the “most ridiculous immigration system in the world”, saying it was essential to toughen it “immediately”. And to warn against the Democrats who want to welcome “caravan on caravan”.

The president also tweeted a week-long video of Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant sentenced for the murder of two policemen in California in 2014 and extolling his crimes during his trial.

“The Democrats let him enter our country (…) The Democrats have allowed him to stay,” says the text that scrolls in capital letters in a staging that draws a parallel between the murderer and the “caravan” migrants from Central America who are currently heading to the United States.

This video, strongly denounced by the Democrats, also caused discomfort in part of the Republican camp. “It’s a disgusting advertisement. All Republicans should denounce it, “tweeted Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, one of the few elected to the” Grand Old Party “to openly criticize the real estate mogul.

The Americans are called Tuesday to renew the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, as well as one third of the Senate (35 seats), 36 positions of governors and many local mandates.

If the race is announced tight, the latest polls point to a victory of Democrats in the House, which could be synonymous with an avalanche of parliamentary investigations against the businessman became president.

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